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By Ronny López

Backend Tech Lead


2nd Barcelona Erlang Meetup @ Social Point headquarters

Next tuesday July 22th the Barcelona Erlang Meetup is back and we are proud to host it in our offices. We are very excited to connect again with the Erlang community in Barcelona.

We met for the first time last february and it is a good time to meet again and talk about Erlang before going to summer holidays :)

We would like to build a community of Erlang enthusiasts based in and around Barcelona. The aim is to have regular meetings allowing users to network and brainstorm, newbies to get their questions answered and enthusiasts to vent their ideas and frustrations. Our main goal is to propose new ideas and promote the use of the language in various application areas.

In this edition, we pretend to do something interesting and funny, do some demos and talk about topics applicable to all skill levels, but especially to Erlang-newcomers.

Erlang @ Social Point

Erlang @ Social Point

Some of our engineers with the Erlang creators at Erlang User Conference, Stockholm 2014

We started playing with Erlang about a year ago when we decided to build a small chat application for one of our games. Nowadays, we have several Erlang applications in production and we continue growing our level and adopting Erlang as one of the main development technology for our backend services.

We will be really happy to share our experiences, lessons learned, and future plans. If you want to hear about some real world Erlang projects taking place in Barcelona, do not hesitate to join us.

See you next tuesday!


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