By Marc Canaleta

Chief Technical Officer


Social Point Engineering Blog Launches

I’m very excited to announce the launch of the new Social Point Engineering Blog.

We have created this blog to share our learnings and some interesting technical challenges with our community. And there’s plenty to share!

There wouldn't be problems if there weren't challenging and constantly evolving products to maintain. And mobile games are the perfect product.

Mobile games create high and ever-increasing traffic, and they use high performance graphics across multiple platforms. They have unique and interesting features, such as real-time multiplayer, and generate a lot of data to analyze. They also provide immersive fun and engagement across a worldwide player base.

Behind the games, there are a lot of technologies to talk about: PHP, Symfony2, AWS, Redis, Cassandra, C++, Unity, iOS, Android, Cocos2d, Python, Erlang, Sharding, Redshift, Puppet, Flash...

A lot of these technologies rely on a solid community of experts that contribute and build understanding and innovation on a daily basis.

And we want to be part of that.

On a final note, I’d like to mention the most part of this story: our team.

Solving complex problems and challenges requires a competitive team. And as a CTO I’m proud to work day by day with highly talented people that make this possible!

But we need more talented people to help us meet the new challenges ahead. So if you’ve got game, we want to hear from you!


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